read all about it...FLYY NEWZ

read all about it...FLYY NEWZ

Dec 19th 2017

When it comes to rappers, Brooklyn rarely disappoints.  Adding to the roster is new artist FLYY NEWZ

Music has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.  FLYY wrote his first rhyme at ten years old.  He  admits he learned from listening to the greats who came before him.  "I am big fan of rap music, especially the legends of the game.  PAC, BIG and PUN are my favorites and I am inspired by them all in different ways."

Although he is inspired by other artists, FLYY has an authentic sound.  "My sound is crazy!  It changes all the time because I'm like a sponge.  I pick up something from every artist I encounter.  Whether it's their style of rapping or the way they create music, I learn from them and use it to become a better artist."

Unfortunately the music industry doesn't always showcase authenticity, which can be frustrating.  "I feel like I have so much quality music to share that the masses haven't heard.  It definitely gets stressful, so I stay busy creating more music and focusing on building up my following.  I want to have continued success as an independent artist so I can be in a position to spotlight other up-and-coming artists who deserve a shot."

And FLYY NEWZ' hot new single, "40 Like Bae" proves that he is one of them!  The Tupac-esque song about FLYY and his 40 caliber gun chronicles their reckless behavior and unbreakable bond.  The tuneful hook reels you in while his hard bars spit over a heavy, melodic bass beat demand a head nod.  No watered-down, mumble raps on this track. 

This single is a clear indication that FLYY NEWZ has some heat for the streets!  "40 Like Bae" is currently available for listening and download in digital stores like iTunes, Spotify and TiDaL.  Look out for an ep coming soon...  


Official Link to “40 Like Bae” video: