Hot New Artist...Live300it

Hot New Artist...Live300it

Posted by ShuBanga Bloggs on Dec 8th 2017

Live300it is not your average rapper.  He has a rare swagg, unorthodox bars and a name that describes him!

A native of Chicago, Live300it grew up around a family full of musicians. His Uncle Tchi saw their musical genes at work and urged him to pursue a career in music. After his release from prison in 2015, he took his uncle’s advice.

He began writing, recording and developing his unique sound. Live300it describes his sound as ‘the future’. “No one has this flow! I’ve been making my music drip since I was born. It’s that live sound, dat getchaownflo, dat getchaownhoe, dat halfade sound!”

His musical influences include Gucci Mane,Eazy E, Lil Wayne, 50Cent, Michael Jackson, Three 6 Mafia, Bob Marley, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bone Thugs n Harmony. With a diverse ear for music like that, you have to know that Live300it is something special!

Making music meant less time for the mean streets of Chicago and change seemed to be on the horizon. That is until his brother, and best friends Haddiblu and Red were murdered.  “They were not just my family, they were my biggest fans. I do this music in their memory, to change my lifestyle. Not only for me but for my daughter, the rest of my family and my gang. I know the change has to start with me. I want to learn so I can show and teach those around me. Teach them that change starts within yourself and it’s the only way to reach your goals. And my goal is for me and my GetchaownGang to stay fly, prosper and live for our halfade brothers who are no longer here. May they continue to Rest In Peace.”  Hence the reason for his halfade haircut, half caesar/half dreads, which pays homage to his fallen loved ones.

These days Live300it is focused on sharing his music with the world.  “I’m still growing and evolving everyday as a person and an artist. I want to give people something money can’t buy, music from my heart. I’m in no rush to push out an album, I just want people to listen.”

He is currently performing in various venues throughout the Metropolitan and Tri-State areas, while continuing to work on his debut mixtape set to be released by summer of 2018.

Live300it’s high-energy performance showcases his larger-than-life personality and draws in the audience.  A guest appearance from his partner in music and love, Adorabella, brings an element of passion to the show with her seductive trap raps. Their electric chemistry lights up the stage when they perform their new collabo, “ColdWater”.

His music is available for listening and download in digital stores and his videos can be viewed on the YouTube Channel.  Success is definitely in the future of this modern day Sonny and Cher!

Instagram:   @Live300it_halfade


SoundCloud: @Live300it_halfade

Official TiDaL link to Live300it’s single “No Trouble”:

Official Video for “Cold WaterLive300it ft. Adorabella:

Official Video for “Bodak Yellow” remix by Live300it: